Suman Agarwal – Nutritionist and Fitness Consultant

by Annesa Dhody Mehta

Who: Suman Agarwal is an industry stalwart—you might have read her books, or perused her contributions in some of India’s leading magazines and newspapers. From starting life as a dancer and classical singer, she became a certified nutritionist (Certificate Course in Food and Nutrition, Oxford University, U.K (Aff)), and a qualified fitness trainer from the National Institute of Aerobics (Certificate Course in Fitness from NIA), and has been changing the health of people from different walks of life, including the country’s most powerful industrialists and Bollywood personalities, for the last ten years.

What’s on offer: Suman Agarwal provides a vast range of services including various weight-loss plans, weight-maintenance plans and other health management plans such as weight-gain, pregnancy diet, lactation, diet for senior citizens, and post cancer treatment. She also offers a series of plans for better health and immunity. For each of these plans there are different packages you can choose, depending on the level of interaction you are seeking with her and her team. On your first consultation with Suman, she will help you decide the most suitable options depending on your requirements.

Why: At Selfcare health overrides weight loss, hence Suman will ensure that you lose weight in a healthy fashion through a series of lifestyle changes. She not only provides you with diet and exercise plans, but will help you try and cure ailments and problems with food and vitamins. She takes a pragmatic approach to dieting and educates you about healthy eating so that you can make informed choices for the rest of your life—she understands that people who are put on very strict limited diets cannot sustain it over a longer period! She also advises you on what to eat when you are out socializing and travelling, both around India and abroad. She even sells healthy snacks!

Prices: One off consultations start at Rs 2,000, while ongoing programs start at Rs 7,900.